Whether it be a drain blockage or a routine flush, Choice has the necessary drain cleaning and flushing equipment to get the job done right. For regular or preventative maintenance jobs, we flush drains thoroughly, using our high pressure pulsating water jetter snakes. For drains with major blockages we have heavy duty mechanical drain cleaning machinery.


We are equipped with vac trucks, drain cameras, mechanical snakes, jetters and a mini vac. We service driveways and yard drains, sump pits, above and underground parking lots and all residential, high-rise, municipal, commercial or industrial properties and warehouses. The all in one truck can flush lines from 8" - 30" and also clean debris from catchbasins or manholes.


Leave it to the professionals. Choice uses only the most skilled and highly experienced professionals to get the job done right the first time.


Choice offers financing and payment options are made available OAC. Senior discounts are also available for qualified customers.


We are up front about our pricing. Choice offers free estimates so that you can make an informed decision with no hidden or unwanted surprises.