If you live in a rural area or have vacation property in the middle of nowhere, you’re no doubt familiar with the form and function of a septic system. In brief, a septic system is your very own onsite sewage treatment facility. It’s used primarily where access to a municipal sewer system is neither available nor economically practical. A septic system is out of sight and is odorless (when properly maintained). We can repair/replace old systems as well as design and install for new construction.

Warning signs of a septic system backup

  • Sewage backup (smelly black liquid) in toilets and/or drains
  • Slow flushing and draining toilet
  • Multiple drains in the house is running slowly
  • Lots of very green grass over the septic system
  • Bad odors around the house can be caused by incorrectly vented or failing septic systems

You need to have your septic tank pumped and cleaned by a professional every one to three years. How often you need to have your septic tank pumped also depends on the size of the tank, the volume of wastewater, and how many solids go into it. Constant foul odor, slow drains, and drains that back up are all telltale signs that your septic tank needs pumping. When in doubt, make the right choice and call us today.


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